The Wellness Health and Swim Spa Series has been developed with the sole objective to bring together all the health benefits that can be obtained by exercise, massage therapy, and swimming. All built into one beautiful product that is perfect for you and your family to enjoy year-round.

We Specialize in Your Wellness

Coast Spas Hot Tubs and Swim Spas are optimized for superior Wellness. Our Wellness Spas® feature the ability not only to swim in place endlessly against a powerful counter-current but also to strength-train and even experience a therapeutic hydrotherapy massage.

With a Coast Spas Wellness Spa®, you’ll sleep and feel better, increase your fitness and stamina, elevate your mood as well as lower your blood pressure. Take on life’s challenges with renewed self-wellness that will benefit you each and every day.

Just Keep Swimming

For the first time ever, an infinity (or vanishing) edge is available in a portable full-size Swim Spa. Feel the freedom and enjoy a view of your surroundings by swimming towards a beautiful vanishing edge instead of an acrylic wall. This feature is only available on our Wellness Infinity or Wellness Infinity Ultra Models. Come in and talk with us and build your own custom model and get a quote from us, your local Coast Spa representative.

The Ultimate Swim Resistance Jets

Our Swim Spa River Jets are each powered solely by a 4 HP (6BHP) Hyper Flow Jet Pump. Depending on the model that you choose you can have up to 3 River Jets powered by a total of 12 HP (18 BHP) on our Performance Plus Swim Spa Package. Each River Jet is brightly lit providing a directional beacon to swim towards. In addition, the swimmer can adjust the direction of the water flow for each river jet to ensure their swimming experience is perfect for their swimming style.

There are so many benefits to these Spas, how great would it be to step into your Wellness Spa and have these available to you year round? Let’s get started on you having access to all these benefits and more in a beautifully constructed Coast Spa!

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