As the “new kids” to this market, we felt it was important for us to answer a question we get all the time. “What separates Coast Spas from Bullfrog Spas?” Well let’s first say, we don’t see them as rivals and we wish Bullfrog continued success. We love the fact that they are a Utah born and raised company. However, we feel like Utah deserves a luxury spa brand option. Form Pools and Spas is proud to bring Coast Spas to our discerning Utah customers at factory direct prices. Let us take this opportunity to explain what makes Coast Spas, “The World’s Best Built Spas®”

The Best Filtration System. Period.

We love good looking things, no doubt about it. But functionality and efficiency are priorities. This is why is why Coast Spas invented their Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System®. Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System® is a commercial-grade, pressurized filtration system coupled with an oversized skimmer.

This pressurized system traps contaminants from re-entering your hot tub once the pumps are turned off. In addition, the filter is removed from the bathing area and housed in a closed canister. In all other hot tubs, such as Bullfrog, the dirty filter sits inside the water with you.

The Hydro Cyclonic Filtration system is simply a superior way to filter your hot tub or swim spa.

The Strongest Shells
Multiple Layers of Premium Owen Corning® Fiberglass with Steel Reinforcement

Coast Spas® has partnered with Owens Corning® to deliver the toughest and most durable hot tub shells available. Your hot tub starts its life as a sheet of premium acrylic. It is then heated and vacuum-formed to take on the shape of a hot tub. At this point, the acrylic is fragile and flexible. The acrylic shell is then moved to be reinforced using high-grade Owens Corning® fiberglass. A team of specialists start by applying several layers of fiberglass to the shell, then use rollers to compress those layers together. Steel angle iron is then placed onto those first compressed layers for additional support in specific structural areas.

Additional layers of Owens Corning® fiberglass are then added (up to 12 layers or more are typical for an average-size Coast Spas Model) and compressed again, by hand, to complete the shell reinforcement.

Bullfrog spas are not layered with any fiberglass. Instead, they are simply glued to a plastic shell.

Powerful, Yet Efficient Pumps

Coast Spas jet pumps have the most powerful motors available in a portable spa. Supplying high volumes of water to jets is imperative to achieving a significant massage therapy experience. When not pushing ultra-high volumes of water to the jets, their pumps automatically convert to an eco-friendly hybrid that is whisper quiet and specially modified to run on as little as 1 Amp. This results in superior daily operational efficiency and greatly reduces energy consumption. Furthermore, all Coast Spas have customized programmable filtration cycles and economy modes that are suited to the owner’s needs rather than running a circulation pump 24/7 that results in high failure rates and operating costs. Built-in jet pumps achieve fast and efficient filtration without the additional equipment and plumbing required by alternative methods.

ISO Certified Quality

Coast Spas is one of the first manufacturers to be recognized for high-quality standards with the globally recognized ISO 9001:2015 Certification. They have maintained this certification for 15 years. Coast Spas fills and runs every spa built, then performs a series of diagnostic and endurance tests. The workmanship, equipment, and construction of the spa is then closely evaluated. Once approved, the spa is detailed, hand polished and padded for shipping. A complete final inspection is required before every spa leaves on the journey to its new home. Their founding mantra has always been the backbone of the Coast Spas® Company since its inception: “Quality shall, in every case, take precedence over quantity.”

Curve Spas
Raised Curve with an Exclusive 24″ Waterfall and Vanishing Edge

Remember how we said we like good looking things? The Curve Spas and vanishing edges have changed the definition of a hot tub. Our award-winning Infinity Edge Hot Tubs and Swim Spas are the only portable spas available with a vanishing edge. The sleek and stylish raised back design of the Curve gives protection from the elements as the acrylic shell comfortably wraps bathers in its warmth, offering both privacy and shelter. Customers can watch, hear and feel the true benefits of the curved design with Coast Spas exclusive 24” waterfall. And for the cherry on top, one of many LED lighting options will brightly illuminate this exclusive water feature along with lighting options for the rest of the tub to make any time the right time for Hot Tubbing.  


Every Coast Spa from Form Pools & Spas comes standard with a pressurized commercial-grade Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System®, plush headrests, large water features, Self-Cleaning Sweeper Jets and much more… If you’re looking for the very best value, quality, and craftsmanship – then we strongly feel that you’ll want to bring home a Coast Spa from Form Pools & Spas.

These are just a few reasons why Form Pools & Spas is proud to bring the Coast Spas brand to the Utah market. We believe you deserve the very best. For spas, swim spas, and hot tubs, Coast Spas IS the BEST. Value, quality, and craftsmanship…This is what sets Coast Spas apart from all other competitors.


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