One of the biggest reasons hot tub owners purchase their spa in the first place is for its ability to be used all year round. But, on those high heat days you may be thinking to yourself, “I wish my hot tub was cold so I can take a plunge and cool off!” Well, we’re happy to share the news that in just 5 easy steps, you can have what we like to call a “Cool Tub” for the summer! 


1. Lower The Temperature

The first step is to lower the temperature of your spa to the lowest setting, which many spa owners don’t know can be as low as 80 degrees!


2. Ventilation! 

The purpose of your spa cover is to hold the heat in. To let the heat out, be sure to prop it open to introduce ventilation to the tub.


3. Run The Jets

With the cover still open, run the jets on a 2-hour cycle. This will help circulate the water below, which is still warm, to the surface cooling the entirety of the tub.


4. Add Ice! (Quick way to drop the temp of the water)

Many think adding ice will ruin your hot tub…but this is a myth! A fast way to cool your spa’

s temp is by adding bags of ice. This is a perfect way to quickly cool down the hot tub before a party or gathering.


5. Jump In and Enjoy a Cool Massage!

The final and most important step is to enjoy your “Cool Tub!” Turn on the jets 10-15 minutes

prior to use and enjoy a relaxing cool massage.


Fun Fact! Did you know that soaking in a chilled hot tub, otherwise known as a “Cool Tub,” can help with numerous health issues? Not only can it boost your immune system, but can also help with muscle recovery, reduce injury risk, prevent muscle soreness and prep your body for working out.

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