Tips On How To Choose The Best Hot Tub

Below is a list of important factors that will help you to decide on the best hot tub for you and your family’s needs.

1. The Correct Fit


The size of the hot tub will depend on the space that you have available to accommodate the unit and how many people you would like to be able to fit in the hot tub at the same time.


The seating comfort of your hot tub is also very important. To make sure the seating is comfortable you ideally should sit in the hot tub before you decide to buy a particular model. If possible, it is also highly suggested to conduct a “wet test”, which will give you an accurate indication of the comfort levels of the hot tub. Bring your swim suit to our showroom and try the best hot tubs in Utah on for size.

Comfort factors include the seating variety and depth, lounge fit, footwell space, easy access to the controls of the hot tub, cushioned headrests, and how easy the tub is to enter and exit. You could also throw in the effectiveness of the filtration system here too. Nobody likes soaking in dirty water.

2. The Hot Tub Jets


When it comes to hot tubs some buyers prefer an intense hydro-massage, while others only plan to use their spa to soak in. If you are more interested in maximizing your hydro-massage experiences, you need to take the placement of the jets and the jet types into consideration. The most important factors include the variety of jets and the position of the jets within the lounges or seats throughout the hot tub. Our hot tubs have some of the best hydrotherapy jets and locations ever designed for the ultimate hydrotherapy experience.

The best hot tubs have powerful massage jets that address all the main muscle groups in your body. It is also important to consider the adjustability of the jet flow, along with any other features that allow you to customize your massage experience by regulating the water or air that is supplied to each jet.

Air Jet Systems

Many of the hot tubs on the market come with air-jet systems. This system creates air bubbles that come from fittings in the hot tub. This provides a gentle massage. While this is not one of the essential features, most people appreciate the overall sensation that these jets provide.

3. Manufacturer

Investing in a hot tub that will last for many years, is one of the top considerations for many of the potential hot tub owners. It is important to look for hot tubs that are well-built, make use of high-quality components and materials, and the product is backed by a well-known and reputable hot tub manufacturers or dealers. Coast Spas happens to be one of the most trusted names in hot tubs and FORM has been helping customers throughout Utah make the most of their outdoor space with landscaping, pools, spas and hot tubs for over 20 years. You can count on us.

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