The Best Hot Tub Filter: Hydro Cyclonic Filtration

Here’s your new term for the day: hydro cyclonic filtration system!

What in the world does that mean?😂 And another important question: why would you need to know about it?

This mouthful of a name holds the answers to some important questions: Which hot tub filter is the best? How do I keep swim spa water clean? What is the meaning of life? (jk… It doesn’t actually answer that last one.) Even though it might not reveal the meaning of life, understanding hydro cyclonic filtration can help you keep your hot tub or swim spa sparkling clean and safe to use! Let’s dive into it:

Skim Filtration

You might be familiar with a skim filtration system. If you’ve ever sat in a non-commercial hot tub or swim spa, it’s likely you were sitting in skim filtration water. 

Skim filters share the same water as you do… which means if the spa is turned off, dirt and gunk flows back into the water easily. This also means it takes a long time for water to get clean! 

That sounds a little gross! 😣

Hydro Cyclonic Filtration

Thankfully, there is an alternative! Most commercial pools and hot tubs use a more thorough filtration system that does not share the same water as you. This is hydro cyclonic filtration!

Hydro cyclonic filters are kept in a separate compartment from users, so the dirt and grime stays trapped (even when the spa is turned off.)

These filters work like a small tornado; water moves quickly and evenly through the filter, ensuring that water is cleaned thoroughly. The filter can last longer than skim filters because the load is evenly spread. Additionally, hydro cyclonic filters can work 6x as fast as skim filters. 

Great news: This commercial filtration technique is available at a residential level. Every Coast Spa hot tub or swim spa comes equipped with a hydro cyclonic filtration system. 

Which Filter is the Best?

What hot tub filter is the best? Hands down, it’s a hydro cyclonic filter in a Coast Spa. 

Now you’re pretty much an expert in all things spa filters! If you want to learn more about hydro cyclonic filters, you can check out the video from Coast Spas below. If you want to see this filter in action or have more questions, give us a call (801-656-6515) or come into our showroom!