2100 VE wellness swim spa top

2100 Vanishing Edge Wellness Spa Series

  • Series: 2100
  • Total Jets: 67
  • Power: 25HP (5x 5HP Superflow)
  • Style: Swim Spa


  • Dim. (in): 248 x 90 x 63.5
  • Capacity: 2770 gallons
  • Dry Weight: 4000 lbs
  • Wet Weight: 27121 lbs
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Model Features

Wellness Spa X Controls

Digital Spa Control Panel with Display Screen. Waterproof and extremely durable. The user interface is easy to navigate allowing you to control all the major components of your Swim Spa with ease.

Extreme XL Water Diverters

Extreme XL Water Diverters divert the flow of water to specific seats in your spa. LED lit (with an installed lighting package), they are easy to both grip and turn because of their unique large shape.

Air Controls

Our air controls allow air to mix with the water being supplied to your massage jets. Rotate the controls to customize the amount of air introduced into the spa jets. The result is a customized hydrotherapy & massage experience.

Trillium Stainless Steel Massage Jets – 67

Our luxury Trillium Jets are made to deliver the ultimate hydrotherapy experience. These jets are designed to look incredible against the acrylic of the spa – with smooth lines & multiple textures all wrapped within a stylish stainless steel housing.

River Jets (Swim Resistance Jets) – 3

Swim Spa River Jets are each powered by a 4HP (6BHP) HyperFlow Jet Pump. Each River Jet is brightly lit providing a directional beacon to swim towards. The swimmer can adjust the direction of each river jet for the best swim experience.

24” Fusion Waterfall

This continuous blade of water measures a full two feet across and is fully lit with vibrant LED Lights*. Fully adjustable, the 24″ waterblade can cascade into the middle of the hot tub or softly drop inches from its source (and everything in between).

Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System® – 175 sq ft Dual Core Filter

The Coast Spas developed Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System® is a commercial-grade, pressurized filtration system with the filter canister completely removed from the bathing area and coupled with an oversized skimmer.

Patented Infinity Edge Technology & Design

Not only does our patented vanishing edge technology look amazing the waterfall does all the skimming of your spa water using our patented design. The water level will also stay the same no matter how many people are in the spa. No water is wasted to overflow!

No Bobbing Weir Skimmer

A Cascade Series spa uses the Infinity Edge as the skimmer to remove debris from the surface of the water, leaving the rest of the hot tub with only quiet, open seating.

Largest Skimmers

Coast spas is proud to offer the largest skimmer in the industry, this allows our Spas to remove debris from the surface of the Spa and help to control foaming.


A self purging pump eliminates the hassle of having to manually bleeding air from pumps and lines.

Digital Float and Fill Gauge

The illuminated fill gauge for all Cascade Series Spas takes the guesswork out of filling the overflow tank.

Swim Tether Anchor Plate

Swim Tether

Allows you to swim in place with or without the river functioning. Helps to keep the swimmer in the center of the swim lane.

Exercise Bands and Row Bars

High quality metal row-bars allow you to execute a core-stimulating rowing experience. Included resistance bands clip to multiple points around the Spa allowing for a variety of exercises from low impact to intense cardio.

Programmable Filtration

Instead of using a dedicated pump for filtration that runs 24 hours per day 365 days a year, these jet pumps filter the Spa water at user defined intervals using the power of full sized jet motors to quickly filter the Spa in a mere fraction of the time that it would take a small circulation pump to do the same job.

Our Swim Spas Are Made to Last!

Formed Equipment Enclosure

Protect your spa equipment with a one-piece custom formed enclosure that keeps your electronics enclosed and safe.

Owens Corning® Fiberglass Shell

Multiple layers of Owens Corning fiberglass with angle iron reinforcement ensures decades of relentless strength and durability.

Steel Reinforced Spa Acrylic

By placing steel angle iron in the high traffic areas of your hot tub we ensure that you enjoy the longest lifetime possible from not only the shell but also the spa itself.

Pressure Treated Frame

Coast Spas uses pressure treated lumber to prevent against any moisture damage to our hot tub frame, this ensures the longest lifetime of the frame possible.

Quick Access Gate Valves

Our easy access gate/shut off valves allow the easy replacement of spa components without draining your the hot tub or spa.

Titanium Heater

The titanium heater element resists corrosion and mineral build up better than standard heater elements.

Recessed Floor Drain

The recessed floor drain allows you to empty the water out of your hot tub without having to use a pump system.

Recessed Thread-In Jet-Pockets™

Recessed jetting allows for the ultimate in comfort while sitting in your spa with the jets on or off.

Super-Sealed™ Barb & Clamp Plumbing

Using both barbing on the plumbing fixture and a clamp ensures problem free plumbing connections for years to come.