With summer coming to an end and school right around the corner, some may think the backyard season is coming to a close. What if we told you it is only beginning? In this blog post, we have provided a variety of ways to improve your child’s education all from the comfort of your backyard. 

Have your kids get the maximize the use of your outdoor space during the Fall season by:

Start a Fall garden: Plant vegetables like winter squash, potatoes, brussels sprouts, beans, green onions, lettuce, cauliflower or peas to be able to harvest in the Fall. This is a perfect activity for kids to learn about photosynthesis, how to grow your own food supply in different seasons, and nutrition! And in the end, they also get a yummy snack!

A Tranquil Space for Concentration: Create a space where your child can go to read, journal, or complete homework assignments with little distraction and has elements that can calm the mind. These elements might be a water feature for ambient sound (this includes your pool or spa’s water features!), an abundance of outdoor plants, comfortable patio furniture for a space to work and a covered area to avoid weather conditions.

Physical Activity: Incorporate your pool or spa to increase physical activity. This is good for the mind and body! This might be an activity to do before your child needs to complete an assignment that requires concentration and most likely a lengthy time of sitting. They can get their wiggles out beforehand, and they won’t have the distraction of wanting to get in the water later in the evening. You can even use this as a reward for when an assignment is completed so they have a goal to work toward. Either way is a win-win situation because, little do they realize, they are still learning! Swimming not only increases strength, but also their motor-skills. 

Interactive Learning Zone: Create an interactive, but beautiful backyard by adding elements that your child could use for visual learning aids. You may add pebble rock to your landscape so they can use them as an interactive math tool!