Wondering how to have the coolest pool in the neighborhood? How about by adding a big slide into the mix? Large slides, some even with 360 degree turns or twisting runways are becoming more common on the pools we create.

Adding a large pool slide is now easier than ever with the use of customizable slide systems or custom built slides. Small and giant slides have become a popular edition to our pool builds. Here is a breakdown of some of the largest pool slides available on the market today.

Inter-Fab BYOS (build your own slide) System

Turn that hillside next to your pool into a sweet slide using Inter-Fab’s BYOS system. These slides are not available for direct sale online but can be installed by pool builders or landscape designers.

They are made of modular pieces that are run off a small hillside or upper level deck. These are designed to fit in with different landscape designs and create a great look that adds to the landscaping. They can can connect to create almost any height, length or curves that you can imagine.

10 Available Sections for Endless Configurations
24″ wide Runways of any length
350lbs Weight Limit

SR Smith Helix 2 Slide

This slide features a molded hand rail and enclosed ladder with an integrated low profile footpad. With only five sections to assemble it’s typically a quick install. Available in gray or tan colors.

7’4″ Tall at top of rail
9′ x 7’6″ Footprint
22″ x 12’8″ Runway
250 lbs Weight Limit

SR Smith Vortex Commercial Pool Slide

This is an amazing 360, fully enclosed slide that includes a commercial quality platform ladder and extra wide sections.

10’7″ Tall at top of rail
9’6″ x 11’6″ Footprint
325lbs Weight Limit
32″ wide x 19′ long Runway

SR Smith Turbo Twister Slide

This slide features a height of 8’7” that is sure to bring lots of thrills with its right or left hand sweeping turn. Available in tan or gray with 6 piece modular construction.

8’7″ Tall at top of rail
13’6″ x 7′ Footprint
23″ x 14’4″ Runway
Weight Limit 275 lbs

Requirements for a Giant Pool Slide Install

To install any of the slides above or a custom slide you’ll need the required space measurements listed above plus room for any additional walkways for slide access. You may need an additional concrete pad to support the weight of the slide.

It’s also required that the water is deep enough and there is enough space around the slide entry point. Code requires a distance of 54” from the slide exit and a water depth of 54” that continues at that depth for at least 9 feet.

You’ll also need a water supply line from the pool that delivers 20-30 gallons per minute, or perhaps more depending on the slide design.

Get in touch if you’d like to know how to add one of these slides to your existing pool or to install a new pool at your home.

Check out a few amazing custom pool slides below.