While most think hot tubs are just for backyard parties and vacationing, we came up with a list of reasons to convince why you should incorporate hot tubbing into your daily routine for both physical and mental health benefits: 


EARLY BIRD Wake up 20 minutes early to take a morning dip before your day starts to awaken your mind and feel energized for what lies ahead!


EVENING SWIM Melt away your stress and anxiety from your busy life and calm your mind – take a load off and enjoy an evening after work in your spa. Feel like you have too much going on to fit hot tub time into your day? Instead, consider it as a date night, time with the kids, or even a little alone time. 


DAILY EXERCISE Soak your muscles before or after a workout! Going in the hot tub before a workout loosens muscles and increases blood flow. Hot tubbing after a workout relaxes muscles and improves recovery – helps to release trapped toxins in your muscles.