What is a swim spa? A swim spa is the perfect combination of a swimming pool and hot tub. Most opt for a swim spa when they aspire to have a backyard swimming pool but don’t have enough space. Not only are they space savers, but they are also known for their year-round use and multi-function! In this post, we introduce only a handful of ways you can use your swim spa for more than just swimming!

Resistance Training! Don’t have a treadmill and don’t feel like trucking to the gym? Head out to your swim spa, turn the jets on low and your spa becomes a water “treadmill”! Being in the water is easier on your joints and adds resistance to strengthen your muscles. 

Want to take your exercise to the next level? Bring your resistance bands into the water and work your upper body while you work your lower body too!

Rowing Whether you’re a kayaker, canoer or paddle boarder, try improving your rowing skills by bringing your boat or board into the spa (but don’t forget your oar)! Adjust your speed by increasing or decreasing the force of the jets! Be sure to stay seated while paddle boarding for safety. 

Create your own lazy river! Start by turning on all the jets – this creates a circular jet cycle so you can float around without getting stuck in a corner. Be sure to grab your favorite flamingo floatie and a good book!

Perfect for Learning to Swim! Being family friendly, the swim spa is perfect for teaching your littles how to swim with adjustable water temperatures. The water isn’t too deep so they can take a break when needed and you can increase/decrease the waves to simulate being in open water. This will help your child’s confidence and they will never be too far from comfort with the tub’s edges being so close. 

Relax at the spa! Of course, we can’t forget to include the “spa” in swim spa! Take a break and enjoy the relaxation your tub offers from high power jets giving a hydrotherapy massage and temperature adjustment to ease your muscle aches.

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