Well, friends, it’s that time of the year again. The weather is finally on our side and we know you’re anxious to get started the summer started. So, we’ve put together some pool party basics to help you kick off an awesome swimming season.


Think Theme

When throwing a party, it’s important to be intentional about what kind of pool vibes you want to create and make the surrounding environment a reflection of exactly that. You can never go wrong with an outdoor movie night or a water extravaganza.  Think about what age group you will be inviting and make sure your theme can apply to everyone. This is when Pinterest becomes your best friend.


Safety First

Not all guests come prepared. Make sure to provide extra sunscreen, bug spray if needed and plenty of hand sanitizer if you’re providing food. You can add them to a goody bag or provide a space where everyone can easily access them when needed. Additionally, try to set up food in a shady area. You don’t want it sitting out in the sun all day.


Plan Entertainment

Break out the toys. Along with your theme, this is where you can tie in any games or activities you want to add to the agenda. Some easy entertainment ideas are floaties, water balloons, and diving rings. Again, this is where Pinterest comes in handy. If you have a small space make sure to plan activities that are spread through the entire space. This will allow the party to feel more open and less chaos if everyone is in one area at the same time. It may be a pool party but that doesn’t mean everything needs to happen in the pool.


Keep Cool and Refreshed

Decide whether you want to provide snacks or deserts but always serve some kind of refreshment. You will want to keep your guests hydrated. Your favorite lemonade blend or a fruity popsicle is perfect for beating the summer heat. However, if you’re wanting to order pizza serve it towards the end of the party. No one enjoys swimming with a full stomach and it will also keep your pool space and any toys less greasy.


Invite the Crew

Last but not least, create a fun and inviting invitation. They are a great way to help remind your friends to save the date and allow you to address any details or list items you may want them to bring along.