Trying to find out how much a pool costs in Utah? 

Building a pool is supposed to be exciting, not frustrating. But when it comes to surfing the internet for answers on cost, it’s like searching for the holy grail. Don’t you wish someone would just give you numbers?

We hear your frustration. Our answer to this dilemma is this…

We’re straight shooters – we offer phone estimates. After a quick 10 min phone conversation, we will actually give you a ballpark cost. We are not going to waste your time before you know if you are even ready. We’re not going to weasel you into a deal you are not comfortable with.

Nope, we promise. No hard sales pitch, just numbers. If you are comfortable with the what you hear, you can schedule a free consultation for an official estimate.

So, what determines the cost of an in-ground pool?

Pool Pricing Variables:

  • Type of pool: concrete also called Gunite, Fiberglass, and Vinyl
  • Pool size and shape
  • Lot size and shape
  • Lot access
  • Elevation
  • Custom features (Deck Jets, Bubblers, Tanning Ledges, Colored Lighting, Water Features, etc)
  • Equipment Requirements

The majority of our clients are new to owning a pool and that is why we are more than happy to help guide you through the pricing process upfront. And with over 20 years of experience building pools and spas, we’ve become pretty good at knowing what we’re doing.

Pools are a big investment for you and your family.

Here’s why you should call us first:

  • Get quick answers
  • Understand what your options are
  • Know what is and is not included in your quote
  • No lingering questions
  • Custom pricing
  • No hard sales pitch

We understand your time is important so let’s not float around here.

If you ready to dive in, give us a call 801-656-6515.

We’d love to quickly answer any of your questions.